Enhance Your Resin Crafts with the Best Mica Powder – A Guide to Mica Powder to Epoxy

Updated: 16 Jul 2023


Crafting and DIY creation always give you much fun and creativity. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist best mica powder for resin takes your project to the next level. New people always wonder how color is added to epoxy.

These nature color resins make you creative in the world of art and imagination. Without mica powder, the art did not give you the final customize look. In this article, you should know why mica power for epoxy is the popular choice for resin with most trending products.

Best Mica Powder for Resins:

We experience different mica powders but below is the list that gives you extra benefits to your projects. 

Black Diamond Multi Colors Resin Pigments 2g Each


Pack of 26 color pigments each has 2g for multipurpose. In the epoxy community, black diamond is famous for their best pigment. They have a great quality reputation as a buyer with 100K + followers.

These pigments are also used in craft, cosmetics, art, and candle-making DIY projects. Diamond mica powder is non-toxic and made with high quality. These high-quality resin dye pigments have the power to stay in the water and other solvents as well.

It was specially designed for your DIY projects like soap making, bath bumps, paints for automotive, and jewelry as well.


Black Diamonud Multi Color Powder

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  • Pack of 25 colors.
  • Multipurpose DIY projects.
  • Cruelty free 100% Vegan.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • Mix in any water solvent easily.
  • High-quality pure mica.


  • Cheap in price.

Rolio Mica Powder Pearlescent Color Pigment Jars, 24 Jars:


Rolio mica color pigments are available in different vibrant colors and make your project pop. These pigments are easy to use for any of your projects, especially for soap crafting. Each jar contains 10garms loose powder. Different color jars allow you to make stunning art.

Rolio powder is safe to use on skin like eyeshadows and lip gloss. It was not hard to remove from clothes and skin just wash them with any soap or water. These jar pigments easily give color to clear resin and epoxy without adding any additive materials. Great metallic and silver shinning give your project an outstanding look but always depends upon the amount you add.


Rolio Pigment 24 Jars

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  • Easily mix in water and resin.
  • Jar of 24 packs.
  • Veracity in Crafting.
  • Vibrant color option.
  • Long-lasting


  • May vary in color.
  • The jar contains loose powder.

Small tongue Mica Glitter Pigment Powder:

Best glitter mica powder for resin and other DIY projects. Each glitter color is made from natural stone and free from all harmful substances. It was a pack of 36-color jars with 6-color mirage and 30 different metallic powder pigments. These shades create an amazing and beautiful craft of everyone desire.


Perfect metallic powder for epoxy resin crafting and art. It was perfect and safe to use for kids for their projects. This is the best gift for any artist, Halloween, Christmas, and all other parties. It glows your creativity without adding any border to colors.


Small Tongue Pigment

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  • Easy color blend
  • A little scoops for mixing.
  • Different shades.
  • Premium quality.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Gift ideas for everyone.


  • Colors may vary.
  • In a plastic jar.

Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Metallic Color Powder:

These metallic pigments give your projects stunning and wonderful resin casting. The amazing powder comes in packs of 6 metallic colors. Ideal for painting, rubber stemming, calligraphy, and for clay. It will give your project a depth shine and shimmer effect.


These best metallic pigment powders are non-toxic and for all levels of artists. Epoxy pigments are easy to mix and blend. It gives long-lasting and brilliant results for all. It will give you eye-lasting art to leave your customer in awe.


Pearl Pigments

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  • Top-quality finish.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Easy to use.
  • Metallic shiny looks.


  • Available in small volumes.
  • Colors may vary.

Baltic Day Epoxy Color Pigments:


Pack of 60-color pigments for epoxy resin crafting and arts. These colors are easy to use and mix without creating any trouble. These colors did not fade, bleed or tarnish without time and are highly resistant to heat. It gives you a strong color mixer without adding any extra shades. It also works well for car painting, acrylics, and coasters.


Baltic 60 Color

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  • Great color range.
  • Beautiful shades.
  • Amazing shimmer.
  • Cosmetic and Skin Safe Powder.


  • Cheap price.
  • In glass jars.

U.S. Art Gold Mica Pearl Powder Pigment:

The product quality of the U.S. art supply is hard to beat. This epoxy pigment powder is come in a separate packet and has excellent quality. One benefit is that you can purchase a single piece of packet instead of a bundle of packets. This 100 grams powder packet is large enough for any project, and it gives a pearl-like finish touch to your project.


You can also load art supply mica powder into an air gun for any activity. This is the perfect choice for adding finish to your soap, makeup, and other cosmetic projects. Premium pearl powder that did not get fade or tarnish while using. It is also non-toxic and safe for the skin.

The particle size of the powder is 10 to 60 microns, which makes it perfect for silk screening. The powder applies to any medium and surface to create shimmering, shiny depth effects. It is a perfect powder to mix in paint and glues as well.


Olive Metallic Powder

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  • Simple to use
  • Lager in volume.
  • The huge rank of colors.
  • Loaded in an air gun.
  • High quality and versatile.
  • Premium Mica pearl.
  • For creating colorful soap and kids DIY.


  • High price for premium colors.
  • Not use for heat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Mica Powder?

Mica is a naturally occurring mineral and undergoes the grinding process to get desired pigment colors. Mineral-based pigment gives your project color, shimmer and in depth shining to various artist projects. While mixing it with resin always give a metallic or pearlescent effect to art. A shiny texture on casting make it different from other pigment and dyes.

This makes it more popular use in casting than other coloring materials. Only the best mica power gives your project a stunning and different look because in the market a lot of alternative colors are available.

What kind of colors or dyes do you use for epoxy resin projects?

You can use any color or dye for resin projects. But is always recommended to choose a special dye or color made for resin casting. This color gives your projects shining and strumming effects. Mostly best resin pigments are used in other paints as well.

What is the best mica powder for resin?

Rolio mica resin powder is best for epoxy projects. 24 jars pack gives you different colors for all of your needs. These pigments are non-toxic and safe for your skin’s touch as well.

Which is better liquid dye or mica powder?

If you working need smooth color then go with liquid, and if it needs texture or any other effect go with powder resin. If you are working on a small piece of project then adding glitter with mica is more appropriate.

Are all mica powders the same?

Not all mica powders are not same. All these have different grinds and pearl-like powder. Some Powders have fine enough they can be used in any casting.

What is the shelf-life of mica powder?

All mica powder has a shelf-life of 5 years. If it keeps away from direct sunlight and heat as well.

What is the most common color of mica?

A typical black or near-to-black is the most common mica color. It is also called light-colored mica and biotite.


The best mica powder for epoxy gives your projects a stunning and creative look that leaves your fellows in awe. The vibrant colors, crazy effects, and versatility can make your every project a valuable tool for others.

Rolio mica powder is the best pigment for your artist and DIY professional art. A pack of 24 jars gives you different colors in one pack with stunning and metallic effects. It is a perfect choice for your DIY projects like soap making, candle making, and other small tacks of cosmetics and makeup art. Safe to use for skin and clothes and remove easily with water.

Another famous brand for pigment is U.S Art. This brand is famous for its single-pack pigment powder. It most selling brand in the USA because it gives you single pack but high-quality products for your resin projects. The powder particle size is up to 60 microscopes enough to give a perfect silk screening effect.

In the end, epoxy pigments are safe for your every project, you need to know how you handle it with the liquid dyes and pigments. Let’s make your every project number 1 in artist and DIY. We are happy to know about your interesting DIYs, share your projects in the comments.

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