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Updated: 27 Mar 2023


Exploring the Various Types of residential epoxy flooring for Your Home. Seeing your house floor beautiful is what everyone wishes when buying a house. Floor maintenance cost is hard to bear because it broke again after some time. Getting rid of these expenses in today’s era is very easy with epoxy flooring resin.

A home is the biggest investment for everyone in life. After buying a house anything you add makes it beautiful and increases its value in society. Residential epoxy flooring in houses makes it unique, durable, and different from others.

The concrete floor in the new home is not so durable and looks like an old house. We can do a lot of new stylish stuff on the floor. But these are costly and do not last for a lifetime.

Epoxy is a mixture of resins that make a durable plastic material with a long life span with one time cost. Home epoxy flooring makes your house beautiful with different stylish and unique floors. Now, people do epoxy flooring in their residential and commercial places. Epoxy resin makes a strong layer on the floor and protects it from damage.

In this article, we’ll explore the various types of residential epoxy flooring available on the market today, and the benefits of each type to help you determine which one is best for your home.

Types of Residential Epoxy Flooring:

Omit durability and lifespan, epoxy floors are highly recommended for use. Floor resins are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and unique customized effects on the floor.

Different general types of floor are as:

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Epoxy terrazzo flooring is the oldest decorative flooring type. This can be made by joining small pieces of marble. With these small pieces, we make every type of design and polish it with epoxy resin to make it strong.


It is Strong from other epoxy floors and maintenance cost is low. Epoxy Terrazzo is lighter weight and uses 3 pounds per square foot. It cures overnight and sometimes it takes up to 7 days.

Other benefits are:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Permanent color
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Durable
  • Non- Slips
  • Thermal-shock resistance

Epoxy Flake Coating


Epoxy fake coating is an anti-slip floor. We made customized color textures and patterns. After spreading epoxy resin chemicals on the floor. Epoxy Chemicals are harder and make a new surface on the floor. Flake coating can change the appearance of the floor and give a new stylish look to the view.

It is also ideal for home, school, restaurants, and other commercial use.

Other benefits are:

  • Multiply colors and design
  • Fancy and stylish look
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Anti-slips

Residential Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are epoxy paint sometimes also called epoxy floor paint. These come in single colors. Resin floor coatings are for medium-level floors. These are also environment-friendly for medium-level activity. There are a great number of color ranges.

Epoxy Mortar Floors


Epoxy mortar floors are chemical resistant and thermally resistant. Epoxy mortar floors are also called urethane flooring. Mortar floors are used on concrete floors with sand. The urethane floor is used to hide small blemishes and holes in concrete floors.

Recommended to use in

  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms
  • Garage
  • Warehouse

Epoxy Quartz-Filled Floors

Quartz epoxy floors combine the elements of small pieces of epoxy resin. It gives a highly shiny surface when placed.


Quartz flooring is popular because of engineered and unique style products. While engineering the product it takes too many unique styles and shapes.

Benefits of Quartz Floor:

  • Unique Pleasing for any Space
  • Slip Resistant Flooring
  • Environment-Friendly Flooring
  • Scratch Resistance and Durability

Epoxy Self-leveling (SL) Flooring


Self-leveling epoxy is a special type flooring system that smooths floor after pore. For fast installation, we applied 1 to 3 mm of epoxy resin. Epoxy floors are durable and give a strong dust free residential epoxy flooring environment.

Self-leveling epoxy flooring is used for old and new floors to make them strong and level. Its installation includes many steps.

Pros of self-epoxy flooring are:

  • Perfect smooth finish
  • Smaller thickness
  • Lower total cost
  • Easier to apply

Different Types of Residential Epoxy Flooring:

When it comes to designing your kitchen. Choosing the right type of flooring, style, and design is important. Heavy loads of people and wood are always present in the kitchen. The floor must be strong and durable with a pleasant style and color combination.

Epoxy flooring is the best floor for the kitchen. Epoxy resins are strong and resistance-free for the kitchen floor. Resin kitchen floors are available in many shades and colors.

The Pros of Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

  • Durability
  • Scratch free
  • Strain Free
  • Water resistance
  • Anti-slips
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistance to chemical

Cons of Kitchen Flooring

Fades with time

Although the epoxy floor does not fade. But due to the heavy load in the kitchen and the availability of water, its color fades with time.

Bathroom Epoxy Flooring

Your home is more invented when you design your washroom more unique and different. When you make a perfect guest room it is important to make the restroom more stylish. Bathroom floors are important because water leakage is the most common. Restroom flooring maintenance costs are more than installation costs.

So, bathroom flooring is more important than other parts of house flooring. One of the most overlooked flooring options for residential bathrooms is epoxy flooring.

Epoxy bathroom floors are most used in today’s era. With a bathroom epoxy floor, we make stylish and beautiful floor designs for kids and adults. It’s long-lasting and colorful for living purposes.

Different types of epoxy bathroom floors are:


Residental Bedroom Epoxy Flooring:

It is a common problem that you use wood floors, titles, and other accessories in the bedroom floor. But the choice of floor color is always doubtful for you and your family members. Floors are always slippers in rooms and kids get injured.

The best choice for your floor is the bedroom epoxy floor. Epoxy installation costs are reasonable for the bedroom.

With Epoxy floor you will create customized designing floors with different colors. Epoxy bedroom floors are non-slip and kids friendly.

Pros of Bedroom Floor:

  • Excellent Durability
  • Affordable Flooring Solution
  • Customize as Needed

How to Take Care of the Residential Epoxy Flooring:

Residential epoxy floors are not hard to take care of. With proper care, the life of the floor increases and it gives more durability.

Some best practices for floor care:

Keep the Surfaces Dirt and Grit Free

You move machinery or wood tables with pulling and pushing techniques. This old technique put dirt and grit on an epoxy surface. If you remove all dirt and grit from the epoxy residential floor keep it safe from damage. Use a Vacuum and soft brush for cleaning the epoxy floor.

Avoid Using Soap-Based Cleaners:

Soaps used chemicals and continue to be used to make dangerous epoxy resin floors. Residential epoxy floors do not need soap, hot water, and other chemicals for cleaning. Always use a soft rubber brush for cleaning the epoxy resin floor.

Spot Cleaning

Spots on the floor surface are common. The Spots on the epoxy floor are clean with any dry cloth. Because epoxy floors are water resistant and are anti-slips.


Stain is a hard spot on any floor but epoxy is stain-proof. Stains on epoxy floors are always cleaned with soft warm water with a dry cloth and a soft rubber brush. Do not use any hard chemicals on the epoxy floor.

Oil and Liquid Chemical

Oil and other Liquid chemicals are common on the floor. Epoxy residential flooring does not observe oil and other chemicals.

Having these oils on the epoxy floor for a long time makes epoxy dangerous. Always clean these liquid oily chemicals with a vacuum cleaner.


How much does epoxy flooring cost?

Material and installation cost always depends on size, color, design, and type. Due to low maintenance cost, epoxy is cheap as other types of floor.

Is Epoxy flooring cheaper than Tile and concrete floors?

Yes, because tile costs around 5$ to 15$ with installation. Epoxy floors cost 4$ to 6$ with installation.

Is Epoxy Floor worth it?

Yes, epoxy floors are always worth it. Epoxy floor increases the durability of the floor. Easy to clean and give the floor a beautiful look. The resin floor is water and chemical resistant.

What are the benefits of residential epoxy flooring for homes?
  • Very quick and easy to install
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Water and chemical resistance
  • Unique floor style
  • Long floor lifecycle
  • Environment-friendly
Are Epoxy floors water-proof?

Yes, epoxy floors are durable and water-resistant. The water on the epoxy floor does not seep into cracks. The epoxy surface is smooth and makes it easy to clean.

How long does the epoxy floor last?

Residential epoxy floors last for 25 years. Its performance also depends upon the care.

What are the requirements for epoxy residential flooring?

An epoxy resin coat needs a clean surface. It can be poured on any surface like concrete, sealed, and polished. Before applying epoxy on the floor, repair all its cracks, and remove all grease.

What are the best places for residential epoxy flooring?

We put epoxy floors everywhere:

  • Garages
  • Warehouse
  •  Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Basement


House looks beautiful and unique with floors. A dull and boring effect on the floor makes you lazy and depressed in your home. Make your floors stylish and unique with epoxy. It also increases its durability and lifespan. 

You can put any design on your floor with stylish customized effects. These effects are customized by experts and some of them are made by individuals. Epoxy increases your home value to 2x to 3x with no time. 

Epoxy floors on your residential places are your biggest investment to save your extra expenses on your floors and its repair. These floors are highly valued in residential places because it is environmentally friendly, kids and pet friendly. It decreases noise in the kitchen, playing room, dining rooms and kids playing area. 

Floors with epoxy coating are resistant to water, chemical, and stain. The availability of its different styles and color make it worth in residential use. 

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Nouman Ali

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