White Marble Epoxy Floor For Your Stunning Spaces – A Floor Guide

Updated: 30 Apr 2023


We know marble floors look stunning when install. It is a strong stone that used in floors and decorative material for centuries. Due to its popularity, people used it on their home and office floors. Its durability and luxury beauty can increase with the white marble epoxy floor.

 White marble floor gets cracks and broken with time and use. It also looks dull and dirty with the times. Every floor needs regular cleaning and this varnish is the shining of stone.

The epoxy white floor makes the stone floor more shining and unique. It also removes all the dirt and pill that a marble floor can’t remove. The white floor gives an elegant look and a larger appearance.

In this blog, you learn why white marble epoxy floors reflect our personal style and taste. White is a more bright color with limitless design possibilities. It was a perfect match for all bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial floors design.

What are the pros and cons of white floors? Best epoxy white floor and benefits of installing it in your spaces.

Table of Content
  1. What is a White Floor with Epoxy Coating?
  2. Why Use White Marble Epoxy Floor
    1. Natural Backdrop:
    2. Brighter the Space:
    3. Clean and Uncluttered:
  3. White Epoxy Marble Flooring Option
    1. White Kitchen Epoxy Floor:
    2. Bathroom White Floor:
    3. White Epoxy Garage Floor
    4. Marble Living Room White Epoxy Floor
  4. Some Best White Epoxy Floors and Kit for Spaces
    1. Smalltongue Countertop Paint Kit, White Marble Epoxy Countertop Paint Kit
      1. Pros:
      2. Cons.
    2. Master Protective Coatings White Epoxy Resin Coating for Floors Counter Tops, MCP-100 Epoxy Floor
      1. Pros:
      2. Cons:
    3. Counteract Ekopel Premium Countertop Refinishing Kit - Epoxy Countertop Paint
      1. Pros:
      2. Cons:
  5. The process Involve Installing Epoxy White Marble Floor Coating
    1. Prepare the Surface:
    2. Cleaning and Grinding
    3. Apply Primer Coat:
    4. Apply First Base Coat and Roll it
    5. Remove Bubbles:
    6. Apply the Second Base Coat
    7. Apply Topcoat
  6. Tips to Take Care White Epoxy Marble Floor
    1. Scrub Epoxy Floor Weekly
    2. Sweep Floor Daily:
    3. Repair any Scratches
    4. Clean Spills Immediately
    5. Remove Rubber Burns from Floors
    6. Grease and Oil Stains
  7. Pros and Cons of Epoxy White Floors
    1. Cons of Epoxy Floor with Marble Floor:
      1. Polish:
      2. Unique Pattern and Color Combination:
      3. Natural Material:
      4. Light Transmission
      5. Stretch Repair Kits:
    2. Cons of Epoxy Marble Floors:
      1. High Cost:
      2. Complicated to Maintenance:
      3. Expansive and Difficult to Replace
  8. FAQs about White Epoxy Flooring:
  9. Conclusion:

What is a White Floor with Epoxy Coating?

White floors give your space an elegant look by reflecting light. White marble floors are simple and pure in design. It give your small space appear more prominent. 

Although white marble is shining floors. It’s lifespan and strong ability can increase with the epoxy coating. The white epoxy floor gives a more shining and elegant look for a long time. 

It cleans dirt and spills in no time and makes the surface smooth. The surprising effect was that it stay as same as it was new even with regular cleaning. Epoxy-white marble floors are available in different styles. With epoxy, we also make our own title-like style with no time. 

Customize titles like floor make epoxy floors unique and different from others. But it required expertise to install at an extra cost.

Why Use White Marble Epoxy Floor

Many interior designers use white color as a symbol of positive things. It also represents purity and cleanliness. White epoxy gives a classic hue to everything from the groom’s dress to appliances.

It also helps to room look larger, clean, and airy with an amazing design look.

Some other benefits are:

Natural Backdrop:

Epoxy with white floor gives an amazing natural backdrop to furniture and others. You can change the look of your floor with a new coat of white epoxy on a dull floor.

Brighter the Space:

We all know white floors reflect the light more than others. This reflection enhances the amount of natural light and makes the spaces bigger. It also keeps other glossaries bright and clean with reflecting light.

Clean and Uncluttered:

The natural white color represented the feeling of openness and positivity. White floors make the space clean and appear uncluttered. The area looks fancy and minimalist aesthetic approach for everyone.

White Epoxy Marble Flooring Option

Epoxy-white floors are the most attractive floor used in homes and working spaces.

It makes the floor stylish and amazing due to different design customization look. It can use in different spaces like:

White Kitchen Epoxy Floor:

In kitchen floor reflect your personality and attitude in home improvement. White color adjusts with any color to make a small kitchen big and bright in sunlight. It does not need any extra light even at night.


The kitchen is the second house of dirt and stain. Epoxy floor cleans all these staff in no time.

Bathroom White Floor:

The bathroom makes the house stylish and modern with its design and floor. The white floor makes it dust free and epoxy make it water-resistant for kids and adult as well.

The bathroom is use by everyone and a neat toilet floor makes it environment friendly. It also makes it free from dangerous flying inset. The floor shining with sunlight allows insects to stay out of the toilet.

White Epoxy Garage Floor

 Garages are the entrances and exit part of the house depending upon the nature of living society. Most households use garages to park their cars or kept the necessary items.

 The garage needs a continuous light to bright that make much loss of electricity. The garage floor with marble epoxy makes it bright and reflective even at night. It will not only save electricity but also keep the garage environment friendly.


White garage floor makes customized floor with epoxy. Epoxy resin is the art of making your garage floor durable and long-lasting. It also makes a stylish look that matches your car. Epoxy garage floor gives your garage a stunning and classic pony look to your car.

Marble Living Room White Epoxy Floor

Marble is luxurious and timeless flooring for the living room. It gives your living room a unique shine and elegant beautiful new-level space. The marble living room stays cooler than other materials. It reduces room temperature and exposed the sunlight in a room.


There is a lot of customizing for living rooms in shape design, style, and pattern.  Customizing design and style make your living room unique. The living room epoxy floor is durable long lasting with resistance-free material. It produces less sound and kids friendly. It is free from children playing with scratches and stains.

Some Best White Epoxy Floors and Kit for Spaces

People always worried about the best epoxy floor for their spaces according to their attitude and style. Because their style reflection show in their home design.

Smalltongue Countertop Paint Kit, White Marble Epoxy Countertop Paint Kit

Smalltongue Countertop Paint Kit is best for floors. White Marble Epoxy Paint Kit is a simple 3-step application for marble floors. kitchen countertops, washrooms, kitchen, and garage floors.

 It will include epoxy resin to make the floor top coat strong and durable. It also makes water resistant for others. This coat covers 35 SQ. FT.

Smalltongue Countertop Paint safe for interior use with zero VOC. The surface dried within 24 Hours, making it useful for others in 48 hours.

It will also use for your DIY Projects. 


  • Pack of 18 items. 
  • High-Gloss Non-Toxic
  • White Marble Epoxy
  • All-in-One Tool For Help
  • This can install in 3 easy steps
  • Countertop and Floors
  • Waterproof


  • Less Expensive
  • Adult Use
  • For Small Spaces
  • Cover 35 SQ FT.

Master Protective Coatings White Epoxy Resin Coating for Floors Counter Tops, MCP-100 Epoxy Floor

MCP-100 is a protective epoxy coating for marble white floors. It is a 100% solid self-leveling epoxy resin.

 It can be easy to use for residential and commercial white floors. The MPC-100 can use for resurfacing or patching surfaces and floors. It is durable and reduces water spotting. It provides adhesion, abrasion, and excellent chemical resistance.

 MPC-100 2-components 100% solid self-leveling product. It can use to create metallic epoxy floors with decorative flooring designs.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • 100% Solid
  • Water Reducing
  • Infinite design and Style
  • More than 200 SQ FT.
  • 3 Gallon Kits


  • Coverless in 2nd cover
  • Available in Can
  • Humidity does not increase from 85%
  • Not for porous surface
  • Not UV Protection
  • During application protect it from moisture

Counteract Ekopel Premium Countertop Refinishing Kit – Epoxy Countertop Paint

Ekopel 2K Premium Countertop Recasting Kit is a long-lasting floor. It can be suitable for kitchen and bathroom floors giving an amazing customize floor for use.

 It can be a perfect solution for DIY projects and done with amazing staff. With this kit, you can convert your floor and convert your old floor into a new and premium floor.

Ekopel 2K Premium white epoxy floor kit holding everyday use. It can bear high temperatures or deep cuts. It is heat and scratch resistant. It is environmental friendly and non-toxic.

It is easy to apply and withstand all other floors. It can cover 1 bathroom floor. I half coat for a small kitchen floor. 


  • Simple to apply by Roll and apply. 
  • DIY Friendly 
  • UV resistant 
  • Food safe epoxy
  • Long Lasting Quality 
  • 2K High KIT Components 


  • For small spaces
  • Accessible for every small user 
  • Installing Epoxy Floor White Marble

The process Involve Installing Epoxy White Marble Floor Coating 

Installing floors need some step to make it simple and easy to install. 

Prepare the Surface:

Before installing an epoxy white floor you must prepare a surface. Be sure your marble floor is clean and ready for epoxy coating. Epoxy slows the surface on which it pure down.


Before applying epoxy fill all the cracks and spalling. Wash the floor to remove all stains and dust on it.

Cleaning and Grinding

Clean the surface with a pressure dryer or cleaner to remove all stones. After cleaning it well grind the floor for epoxy to stay stronger on the floor. Grinding make the surface rough and allow it to make a stronger chemical bond with the rough floor.


Apply Primer Coat:

Apply floor needs a primer coat to make the durability of the next coat on the floor and surface. Apply the primer coat of epoxy to make avoid bubbles on the floor. Let it dry well because it is a base coat for all floors and durability focuses on it.

Apply First Base Coat and Roll it

Pour the epoxy resin hardener solution on the floor and spread it with any help material. Pore the solution according to the manufacturing instruction. Level the poured solution with a roller. With a roller level the surface smooth and let it dry overnight. 

Remove Bubbles:

If you did not apply primer coat bubbles on the base coat appear. To remove the bubble light grit the surface. Mop the floor and wait to dry it.

Apply the Second Base Coat

After applying the first base coat and remove all the bubbles if there are any on the floor. Apply a second coat on the floor before applying it make sure your floor dries well.

Apply Topcoat

 Use a roller to apply the topcoat to the floor. Before applying make sure the epoxy flooring is cure.

Tips to Take Care White Epoxy Marble Floor

A new white epoxy floor does not remain in the same condition forever. But proper maintenance extends its durability and life. All epoxy floor does not need the same kind of care and maintenance.

Your epoxy floor maintenance depends upon the design, style, and environment. It also depends upon the spills and amount of dirt in the area.

To maximize the floor life you need to keep the following point in mind.

Scrub Epoxy Floor Weekly

Scrubbing epoxy floors makes the floor dull with time. Scrub the epoxy floor weekly and in high-rushing areas after 2 or 3 days. Use all the hard strain and dirt with the proper brush and detergent.

Sweep Floor Daily:

Sweep the floor daily with a soft broom or epoxy-friendly cleaning equipment. Stiff brushes scratch on floors. Remove dirt with any sweep on a daily base. Place a mat on the dear epoxy floor to prevent it from dirt.

Repair any Scratches

It is not possible to repair the scratches in a big and long hall. Avoid sliding, and dropping heavy machinery and sharp object on the floor. Most epoxy floors are scratches free but some of them need proper protection. Avoid the floor from oil and spoilage.

Clean Spills Immediately

Liquid damage the floor so, clean liquid spills immediately. The chemicals like detergents, acids, and solvents remain on the floor and damage it.

Remove Rubber Burns from Floors

All heavy vehicles leave tires and rubber on the floors. To remove this rubber follow the steps,

Spot a small amount of citric acid on the floor and clean it with a soft brush or cloth. Scribe the floor epoxy coating and make it clean again.

Grease and Oil Stains

The epoxy floor contains grease and oil stains depending on its uses. Remove all these stains with any floor-friendly detergents and acids.

Pros and Cons of Epoxy White Floors

Every epoxy floor has its pros and cons according to the nature of the floor. Before installing any floor make sure to read all your floor condition.

Cons of Epoxy Floor with Marble Floor:

Marble floors are naturally found they have some advantages that make them unique.


Unlike other stone materials, marble floors also need to polish before epoxy. This makes a surface unique and shiny with a glamorous look. After applying the epoxy solution t floor you also apply a polish coat to make it more shiny and durable. It also brightens up the epoxy and marble with a new amazing trendy style.

Unique Pattern and Color Combination:

White marble comes with different unique designs in the title. Quarrying and manufacturing processes make every piece different from others.

Apply epoxy primer and base coat you can make you customize a unique design with small pieces of marble. You also make color combinations with your room sitting and grocery.

Natural Material:

Marble is the natural material that is create on Earth. It is a natural stone that is not produced by any biodegradable process.

The natural beauty of these floors can increase with the epoxy floor. Epoxy increases its durability and lifespan it gives a shiny look even after 10 years of use.

Light Transmission

The marble floor transmits light, but the white color transmits more than other. Epoxy white marble floor increase brightness in the room. Send light bright room without electricity and convert the small room into a big one.

Stretch Repair Kits:

Stretch on the Epoxy marble floors and remove easily with its repair kit. Stretched-resistant epoxy floors show the symbol of stretch. These stretches make floors dull and broken. Your dull floor converts to a new polish floor with an epoxy floor kit again.

Cons of Epoxy Marble Floors:

 With many advantages, there is a chance of a few disadvantages for epoxy floors. The drawback of epoxy marble white floor is as follows:

High Cost:

Marble floors are high cost because these floors found naturally under the earth. Its cost varies with time and can depend upon the size and epoxy material useing in it. It is epoxy that increases its durability and lifespan. 

Complicated to Maintenance:

White epoxy marble floors are much more difficult to maintain. It requires daily clean-up with a soft scribe or cloth. Grind the marble floor before applying the epoxy. Otherwise, it makes bubbles in the epoxy.

Expansive and Difficult to Replace

Marble epoxy floors are difficult to install because it is difficult to remove. But proper care makes your bathroom and kitchen floor stay for years.

Applying a new floor on the exit floor is easy and cheap than reinstalling the floor. Reinstalling the floor adds the labor cost material cost and all other misc. expanse.

FAQs about White Epoxy Flooring:

Some common questions people search on Google

What is so special about the white marble epoxy flooring?

White colors represent the positive and are naturally found on Earth. These floors give elegance and respect to the house. With light transmitted function white makes the kitchen and bathroom look bright.

What are the benefits of white epoxy flooring?

White gives the floor an elegant and unique look. White color reflects light and gives the space a unique and large look. It can go with any combination and any personal style and attitude.

Are white marble epoxy resin floors herds to keep clean?

NO, White marble is very easy to clean. It shows dirt on the floor with its light-reflecting properties. The liquid and stain are also easy to remove from the white floor with any soft clothes.

Does a white floor with epoxy stay white for a long?

Not at all. People think white floors stay white for longer years. It is a matter of truth, the white color loss its white gloss with time. Regular cleaning and more dust on the floor allow it to lose its glossy look quick.

What is epoxy white flooring’s weakness?

Its durability and long life span is a major weaknesses. In other easy cleaning and stretch the free floor. Chemical resistant and all major it was stain free floor.

Is epoxy paint for floor waterproof?

Yes, Epoxy floors are waterproof. It was also an amazing choice for pools to make it unique and durable. Epoxy is hard to sell sealed with resin making it waterproof and easy to dry.

Are floors epoxy pet friendly?

YES, these floors are pet friendly and allow you to make fun with pets. It was also sound-resistant and slip-resistant for pets.

Can I install epoxy marble flooring on my own?

Yes, you can easily install your marble floor without any doubt. These floor does not need any expert for installation and handling.

Installing these projects as your DIY project gives you more fun. DIY Flooring is the cheapest and quick installation process.

Is a floor with epoxy coating safe for home or office?

Yes, flooring with epoxy coating makes it friendly for every use. The epoxy coating gives a unique and friendly look to your home.

Is epoxy good for living room floors?

Residential epoxy made under the conditions of every home hold use. It was an amazing choice for every house floor. The residential epoxy floor makes the floor pet and kids-friendly. It also reduces the sound in the room.

How long does the white epoxy marble floor take to install?

It takes up to 10 hours to install. But it takes up to 2 days for dry and proper use.

How do you clean white marble epoxy floors?

Epoxy does not need any soap or hard detergents for cleaning. It needs only a soft cloth or a soft detergent for cleaning.

How much does an epoxy marble white floor cost?

Roughly its estimated cost was 5$ to 7$ per square foot. It depended on the area and material you should use for this process.


White Epoxy marble flooring is a great choice for pleasing, durable, and cost-saving. With proper maintenance and installation, the floor with epoxy stays longer than expected. It will give your floor an attractive and smooth functional look.

The installation process for a white marble floor is easy and involves some steps. The installation process, includes Surface cleaning, preparation, Grinding for a strong bond. It also includes a primer coat, a base coat, and final touch for a shiny attractive look.

Maintaining floors is easy than other traditional floors. Use furniture pads and doormats, making it less cleaning and more durable for a long time. It also prevents scratches and cracks.

In terms of cost and customization, white epoxy flooring depends upon the design and size. Customize include color pattern, design, shapes, and epoxy coats.

Overall, white floors with epoxy are durable and versatile with a variety of benefits. From easy to clean, customization, and cost-effectively.

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